About the Author


Shamena Maharaj is a mother of two daughters, an award winning Human Resources Professional, an Education Scholar, a Philanthropist and an Author.

Shamena has created a captivating storybook Becoming my Best Self; My Shero Attributes, that helps guide children through a set of key attributes needed in life. She is also the author of, Joy, Happiness and Mindfulness, which includes 35 daily reflections for a calmer life.



What inspired you to write Becoming my Best Self: My Shero Attributes?

My dream is that no child will be bullied and through the attributes of compassion, kindness and inclusion we can create a better world together so that no child lives in fear. I wanted to share with other parents and teachers the importance of teaching our children key attributes in life and help to cultivate these attributes through story telling. My goal is that parents and teachers will choose one or two attributes each month and have it as a theme and all conversations are around those attributes: For example, it could be failure and what that looks like and the support that is built through conversations that helps the child to create a plan to move forward in achieving their goals.  As adults we know that failure is a part of life and how we react to it and the plans we put in place is what helps us to move ahead to achieving success.

What inspired you to write Joy, Happiness, and Mindfulness?

I wanted to share with the world the importance of cultivating joy, happiness and mindfulness in our lives. This is a reflection on a personal journey over many years. This book will provide the practical reflection in their everyday lives. As human beings, we are special and we deserve to create space to find joy and happiness with mindfulness.  We owe it to ourselves to fall in love with the person that we see in the mirror.  I do believe that we are all a work in progress to becoming our best self.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of BECOMING MY best self: MY SHERO ATTRIBUTES and Joy, Happiness and Mindfulness

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Joy, Happiness and Mindfulness is being donated to a charity: The Women’s Executive Network (WXN).

$1 from each book sold will go to WXN. The Women’s Executive Network (WXN) is a purpose-driven, aspirational and inspirational organization fiercely committed to championing the development, advancement and recognition of professional women and diversity in business, on corporate boards and within senior leadership in Canada. We foster and celebrate development through learning, mentoring, networking, research and advocacy. Our events, awards and programs promote recognition for our valued members, their organizations and our supporters.The Women’s Executive Network Foundation supports the advancement and empowerment of women by contributing to charitable endeavours that align with WXN’s mission and values of equality, community, passion, and integrity.



A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Becoming my Best Self: My Shero Attributes is being donated to the charity G(irls) 20.


$1 from each book sold will go to G(irls)20. Launched in 2009 at the Clinton Global Initiative, G(irls)20 places young women at the heart of decision- making processes. Through our signature programs, the Global Summit and Girls on Boards, we invest in the leadership development of young women through education and skills training, network development and access to unparalleled opportunities around the world. Our vision is to live in a world where girls and women can participate fully in the economic growth, political stability and the social innovations of their countries.